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What is Bitcoin Sport

Press release

Bitcoin Sport (BSport token, exchange identifier 7ogZiMyzWcAdPPk8QTcLRaxPUDaUADiiLXEGcJjFu9qf on the decentralized Exchange DEX multiwheel cryptowallet or is a decentralized public crypto currency project based on the technology blockchain – token of the coin of the instant money transfer system and the multicurrency Waves cryptowallet based on WavesPlatform, supported by the Crypto-Currency Fund of the BS and the Fund for Investments in Internet Projects, which additionally provides liquidity, advertising support for the project and, ultimately, coins.

Updated on 25.09.2018

Objective of the project

The goal of the project is to create a crypto exchange market in the social network Vkontakte and a trading platform combined with a crypto currency wallet for several crypto currencies, where various crypto assets and title signs of the leading exchange assets (oil, gas, gold, shares of the largest companies) will be available for trading – analogue forex, game and exchange services on the blockchain. In the system it is planned to envisage the possibilities of sports betting on the blockchain, where they will be able to play sports betting.


Bitcoin Sport coins are provided with “digital gold” – several well-known and highly liquid crypto-currencies. In the portfolio of the crypto-currency fund associated with the coin, today there are several popular coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin-cash, Waves аna others.


We care about maintaining the high liquidity of the coin. On most of these coins and tokens (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin-cash, Waves) the coin changes freely in both directions (buying / selling)  on the decentralized crypto exchange DEX (the third tab of the multi-currency cryptowallet or )

• The coin is created on WavesPlatform (will be moved further to a separate blockchain)
• Total limit of 21 million coins (the circulation is similar to the original bitcoin)
• Additional issue of coins is impossible, which distinguishes it from the monetary units that are subject to inflation.
• Number of decimal places – 8
• Date of creation – 01/16/2018
• Date of access to the decentralized exchange DEX – 01/19/2018
• Transaction time – max 15-30 seconds
• The transaction price between purses – 0.001 Waves (less than $ 0.01) – is tied only to quotations of waves.
• The price of placing an order to buy or sell a coin on a decentralized exchange DEX – 0.003 Waves (less than $ 0.03)

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to replenish your purse in the Waves crypto currency ($ 2-3), for trading this and other coins on the decentralized DEX crypto exchange.

Mission and Philosophy

Bitcoin Sport is more than just a crypto-currency project. This is a technological system that can work with financial applications around the world. This is the future of trade and business. Spiritual philosophy of the project is development, sport and self-improvement.

Bitcoin Sport is an evolving project that is created, promoted and perfected thanks to a team of leading programmers and Internet entrepreneurs, investors and supporters of blockades.

Competitive advantages

We are trying to ensure that Bitcoin Sport is fast, easy, secure, profitable for investors and flexible for millions of users. An important competitive advantage of Bitcoin Sport is that it combines confidentiality with regulation, which our investors have already highly appreciated, as this provides greater financial attractiveness of the project.

Price policy

The largest investors are more likely to set the tone for the dynamics of the coin quotes, not wanting to sell it below a certain level of prices against the background of growing demand, setting a positive trend for quotations.


Opening a wallet

To open a wallet, register here: (multicurrency crypto) or here

All the video instructions are here:

Bitcoin Sport ID on the DEX exchange

(the third tab on – 7ogZiMyzWcAdPPk8QTcLRaxPUDaUADiiLXEGcJjFu9qf  (insert instead of any other currency). It is traded around the clock for currency pairs to Waves, Bitcoin, USD, Bitcoin-cash, Waves, Ripple, Stellar, Cardano, NEO, Monero.


(on the decentralized exchange DEX)

Bitcoin / Bitcoin sport 
BTC / 7ogZiMyzWcAdPPk8QTcLRaxPUDaUADiiLXEGcJjFu9qf  (see on the right in popular pairs, by entering the identifier of one of the currencies)

Waves / Bitcoin sport 
WAVES / 7ogZiMyzWcAdPPk8QTcLRaxPUDaUADiiLXEGcJjFu9qf  (see on the right in popular pairs, by entering the identifier of one of the currencies)

USD / Bitcoin sport
USD / 7ogZiMyzWcAdPPk8QTcLRaxPUDaUADiiLXEGcJjFu9qf  (see on the right in popular pairs, by entering the identifier of one of the currencies)