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Group-IB and CryptoIns have developed an insurance program for cryptographic clients. According to CryptoIns analysts, by 2023 the volume of the insurance market for cryptoactive assets will reach $ 7 billion.

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During the development of the program, the partners conducted a primary scoring of more than 20 cryptobirges and cryptowallets. Today, the lack of security guarantees for the storage and withdrawal of funds is one of the main stop factors for investors when working with cryptocurrency assets.

How to restore access to the cryptowallet in case of loss of the SEED-phrases?

Cryptocurrency deposits insurance system from Bitcoin Sport

In the near future, Bitcoin Sport also plans to introduce a cryptocurrency deposit insurance system.

Cryptocurrency deposit compensation for loss of SEED phrases

Have you lost your SEED phrase from your wallet?

This problem usually ends with a complete loss of access to the account with cryptocurrency assets. Nevertheless, deposits in coins of Bitcoin Sport (BSport) and a number of other partner projects, such as USSR, Pharaon, BKNG and Hoyei Coin can now be insured. Moreover, this can be done either BEFORE losing access to the account, or AFTER, although if you do this after the loss, it will be significantly more expensive.

To apply for the insurance payment, you need to provide data on your technical support account. The decision on payment will be made after the 6-12 month “cryptocurrency account quarantine” If during this time there will be no movements on the account, which will indicate the lack of access to the account of the account holder – you will be compensated for the full amount of loss of assets included in the cryptocurrency deposit insurance system.

Compensation of cryptocurrency deposit in the theft of cryptocurrency from the account

Hackers stole money from your wallet?

Technical support will conduct a preliminary investigation. If the result of the investigation is confirmed, your funds can be partially and fully compensated.

Tariffs for services will be developed and announced in the near future. Follow our publications.

06 November 2018 Bitcoin Sport